Crooks Like Us

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Release Date: 04/01/2021

Crooks Like UsCrooks Like Us

Pick up and carry as many items as you can to the van before time runs out. The more items you decide to stack at once, the more multiplier points you will get. Get more points than the other players to win! As your stack gets higher and wobblier, it’s more difficult to control and you are more likely to be attacked by other thieves hoping to steal your points. Fight your way to 1st place as you use gadgets from the getaway van to control the room and mess with the other players!

  • Themes:
    • Action
    • Stealth
    • Comedy
    • Kids
    • Party
  • Game Modes
    • Single player
    • Multiplayer
    • Battle Royale
  • Game Engines
    • Unity

A chaotic online multiplayer where you get to steal everything you see! Carry as many items as you can to your getaway van before time runs out - a higher stack gets you more points. Fight your way to 1st place as you use gadgets like anvils, ice, earthquakes and more to mess with other players!