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Release Date: 09/15/2024


During the Day of the Dead, Mano visited the grave of Nano, his brother. It is said that during that night the doors of the underworld open so that the dead can reunite with their living relatives.

But those same doors let hundreds of lost souls, monsters and demons out into the world of the living people. A demon took Mano to hell just when his brother was about to revive.

You are Nano the undead, and you will have to find the keys that open the doors which will take you to the path of hell, where you will rescue your Hermano!

  • Themes:
    • Action
  • Game Modes
    • Single player
  • Game Engines
    • ZGB engine

Journey through the afterlife in Hermano, an exciting multi-scroller platformer for the original Game Boy. With pixel-perfect graphics and chiptune soundtrack, experience the magic and mystery of Día de Muertos. Traverse 15 main levels and 4 bonus stages across scrolling 2D landscapes. Avoid traps and defeat over 15 types of enemies, including 3 epic boss battles. Hermano mixes platforming action with puzzles, exploration, and gravity-defying gameplay for a fresh take on classic sidescrollers. With an authentic pixel-art style and fantastical themes.