Heroes Lineage

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Release Date: 10/10/2022

Heroes LineageHeroes LineageHeroes Lineage

The continent of Ethernia was a peaceful place, it’s inhabitants lived in harmony with each other and commerce reached every corner of the continent. Wizards used their magic to help build towns and cities, protect the crops and take care of the weather as well as fight some of the creatures that ventured too far into the inhabited lands. Unbeknownst to the people of Ethernia, years of magic use had made their home into the perfect target for an ancient evil that lurked in the space between planes.

The lands of Ethernia were struck by harsh weather and new creatures that had never seen before in this continent, waves of increasingly dangerous foes kept coming no matter how many of them were defeated. Over time, towns and cities started to stay put in the safety of their walls, commerce stopped, communication between them was scarce… it as then that they showed themselves, the Four Lieutenants, very powerful creatures, envoys of the otherworldly threat that commanded vast hordes of various ill-oriented creatures.

It was from these Four Lieutenants that the people learnt of the evil creatures name and it was spoken with fear by every living soul….Kragul, Commander of Nightmare, Devourer of Souls, Lord of Evil, and many more dreaded titles. From the four corners of the continent the Lieutenants attacked, a bloodthirsty offensive that wrecked havoc in the lands of Ethernia and destroyed city after city and town after town until they reached the city of Highbridge, the last hope for Ethernia’s residents against this dark times.

The battle that took place lasted months, everyone able to fight had gathered there to face off the odds together while the Wizards devised a ritual to send Kragul and it’s hordes back to where they came, and so they did, on the first light of the first day of the sixth month, the ritual was complete and Kragul was struck down right in front of the walls of Highbridge, smitten by the same magic powers that made him come to Ethernia in the first place.

His essence was scattered back into the space between planes and his followers started to dissipate with him, but not all of them, many managed to fled before the spell was completed and didn’t get caught in it’s range and so the lands of Ethernia became their new home, hidden, licking their wounds and waiting, hoping that someday their dark commander came back.

From that day on, the people of Ethernia united under Highbridge’s banner, they had learned a crude but powerful lesson, for even in the darkest hour hope and teamwork shine a bright light. Slowly over the years to come the towns and cities were rebuilt and repopulated, commerce started to move and flow into a steady source of wealth and well-being for everyone in Ethernia and all seemed well…. but the Wizards warned everyone, someday, at some point in the future, this dark evil would find his way back to Ethernia, and the lands would need heroes once again!

  • Themes:
    • Fantasy
  • Game Modes
    • Single player
    • Multiplayer
    • Co-operative
  • Game Engines
    • Unity 2021

Heroes Lineage is a skill-based NFT RPG game with a medieval fantasy theme. Travel to the world of Ethernia, help the citizens by completing daily missions or go to the arena and compete in intense and strategic 1v1 combat. There is also content for group of players. Gather your friends and defeat powerful World Bosses!