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Release Date: 12/06/2023


A fairy tale like short horror game where you get kicked out of your HOME for being very naughty!

You prepare for a journey to start a new life after the unfair and irresponsible treatment you witnessed!

But things don't turn out as expected, as it is usually the case in life...

This is different though... But it surely can't be bewitched, right?

Especially not at this holy and blessed time full of love where you spend time with your close ones!!

...Oh wait.

That time is already behind you and so is your PATH ahead, as you are already lost.

You are not alone though, for better or for worse.

...Probably worse.

Even the good old stories about the kind gift bringer seem to be all lies and can't be trusted either.

So who can you trust in this cold nightmarish realm?

The only thing left is to keep MOVING forward and finding a way back.

Hope just can't be all lost, right?!

  • Themes:
    • Fantasy
    • Horror
    • Survival
    • Open world
  • Game Modes
    • Single player
  • Game Engines
    • Unity3D

Escape this infinite snowy realm full of grotesque snowmen by exploring and collecting the ingredients your captor demands in this fairy tale like short X-mas horror game!