StairCase 55

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Release Date: 12/16/2023

StairCase 55

Within this anomaly, ordinary rules of space and reason cease to apply. SCP-087, as classified by the SCP Foundation, is an enigmatic and paradoxical construct. Nestled within an abandoned building once owned by C.G.J., this peculiar stairwell defies comprehension. In an effort to maintain control, the Foundation has established a perimeter around the entrance, attempting to contain its unexplained and disturbing influence.

Join the exploration of Staircase 55, where every step you take further plunges you into the haunting unknown.

  • Themes:
    • Horror
    • Thriller
    • Drama
    • Mystery
  • Game Modes
    • Single player
  • Game Engines
    • Unreal Engine 5

An atmospheric psychological horror game that plunges you into an anomalous, paradoxical stairwell. Equipped only with a flashlight, navigate through the abyss of the procedurally generated staircase, haunted by an ever-adapting presence. Unravel the mystery of SCP-087.