Trailer Park Life

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Release Date: 04/02/2024

Trailer Park LifeTrailer Park LifeTrailer Park Life

Trailer Park Life is a city-building, simulation and management game about building and growing a trailer park with a thriving community.

Your trailer park will be a place for people to come and camp, come to party and come to live. With camping areas with tents, RV trailers on lots to double-wide retirement villas you will have all types of people staying at your trailer park. Your park needs resources like power and water, businesses to keep your citizens entertained and have places to eat and staff to keep it all up and running. Your citizens and your park will challenge you with wants and needs, not to mention a variety of natural disasters including tornados, fires and more!

The success of your trailer park will depend on your attention to your citizens and management of the employees and park resources.

Layout your park as a quiet place to relax or turn it into a freakish party zone, not intended for early risers. Trailer Park Life is all about choices. With many buildings to plop down that cater to services, food & dining and entertainment. Building locations really matter. Be sure they are close enough to access yet not so close to annoy the neighbors.

Park services will be needed in keeping the park up and running. Each of the services require people to run them and funds to pay them so your management will be vital to the success of your park.

You will need staff to help you keep things in order. Life will be easier by hiring and upgrading your cleaning staff, maintenance staff, security guards and more. All these employees don't come free, so you will need manage the park expenses and income so you can turn a profit.

  • Themes:
    • Sandbox
  • Game Modes
    • Single player
  • Game Engines
    • Unity

Build and manage your own trailer park to either become a peaceful haven or a pit of unruly partiers. Expand on services and amenities to keep tenants happy. Manage staff to keep your park safe and clean or let chaos run amuck and risk it all for higher gains.