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Release Date: 09/06/2023


Your spaceship has crashed on a derelict alien world, now you're alone in a barren wasteland with limited resources and constant battering storms. Can you build a thriving colony, unlock the secrets of alien technology, and find a way to escape this deadly predicament before it's too late?

Create a thriving colony, and discover ancient alien ruins and technologies while using minimal resources in this desolate wasteland.

  • Themes:
    • Science fiction
    • Survival
  • Game Modes
    • Single player
  • Game Engines
    • Unity

Wastelander is a minimalist turn-based colony building game with roguelike and deckbuilding elements, where you start from nothing as a castaway on an alien world, build your colony, collect resources and protect yourself from mysterious and destructive atmospheric storms while using the secrets of the alien ruins to find a way to escape. As your colony expands you'll find alien artifacts and buildings, perks, technology upgrades, and consumable items scattered across the map.